We LOVE small businesses and want to help you succeed!

Who is Escape Key?

Mark started, built, grew, and ultimately sold his own small business in the 2000's.  Has used his experience to help many clients develop new skills, find new ways of operating business that result in engaged employees, and has been a sounding board for many other business owners.

He especially enjoys helping business in start-up mode and/or growth mode.  Escape Key's services include:

  • Owner consulting and coaching
  • Employee growth and culture formation
  • Process and Procedure development and execution
  • Web site management
  • Strategy and execution

About Us

Tailored Services

We start by asking a lot of questions and listening to your concerns.  After we understand you and your business needs, we can come up with a plan to help!

Owner Consulting and Coaching

Are you wondering what to do about a technically skilled employee that has an attitude?  Are you losing money and not sure why?  Or have you lost your enjoyment in being a business owner?  Our Owner Consulting and Coaching is designed to help you take your leadership to the next level, have you find the fun in being a business owner again, and look forward to producing great results!

Website Support

As a small business owner you wear many hats.  Don't let "website designer" be one of them.  Your focus should be on leading the way - not correcting website issues.  We can help take this burden off your shoulders!

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